Andalusian Village in Nerja

IMG_8924EL CAPISTRANO PLAYA consists of 136 apartments. The owners come from all over Europe, basically Britain, Germany, Spain, Scandinavian countries, Ireland, France, Holland, Belgium etc.

The location is ideal. The buildings lay terraced in a horse shoe shape on the bank by Burriana Beach with magnificent sea views, and within walking distance from the town center.

IT WAS CREATED BY AN ESTABLISHED architect Bernardo Pozuelo. The rustic design reminds us of the white washed towns on the mountain slopes of Andalusia. In the arcades, roof terraces and reflections on the pond you can also see influence of the Moorish past.

Now after 30 years El Capistrano Playa is considered a landmark building among touristic architecture.

And it was not just the Capistrano Playa Pozuelo planned. During the 1970’s, 80’s and 90’s almost all the dwellings in Nerja area had his hand print.

Thanks to his vast lifetime work, Nerja is known for its beautiful white villas and gardens, and especially for El Capistrano Playa.

More information for the residents, tenants and prospective buyers

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