Questions and Answers

Q1: Why dont the owners of CP get a bill for the yearly fees?

The community is no corporation and therefore does not write bills. The yearly budget that is determined on yearly AGM is split amongst the owners according to coefficient and cost groups.

Susana always sends a list of the assessments to all owners with the minutes of the AGM. That is the bill.

If someone is unsure how much they have to pay, please contact Susana.

Q2: Does the community offer Internet/TV?

No. Internet and TV has to be privatly contracted, just like water and electricity. We have numerous providers on CP for light-wave cable internet and TV: Servitec SL, Movistar, Axartel. So there is quite a selection. But the oners have to do the “shopping” themselves and desciide which offer suits them.

Q3: When does the pool open and close?

Theoretically it is open from 1st of March to the 31st of October. Last year it was open one week longer, because of swedish holidays. The pool opening times are also always written in the minutes of the AGM. (which can always be found on the HP of CP if not found otherwise!)

Q4: Hi I own an apartment in apartments chimenea facing the pool of el Capistrano village. I would like to know if it is possible for me and my wife to pay an annual fee to have access to the pool area? I hope you don’t think this is too forward?

The pool area as it is, is often too small for all the Capistrano Playa residents, so we can not allow people from the outside to use it too. We can not make it a public bath.

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