Tapas trail in Nerja

IMG_9196There are many kinds of trails but one of the most relaxing  is the tapas trail in Nerja. We recommend you to start just with two or three stops, but later you can add more and vary your route.

First it is good to know the basics. In Spain tapas is a tradition that has many explanations. First   tapar means to cover.

The generally accepted theory is that people in Andalucia used to cover their sherry glasses with a slice of bread so that the flies would not go into the glass. Another theory says that king Alfonso XIII was visiting in Cadiz in one famous bodega. He was brought a glass of wine and the waiter put a slice of ham on top of the glass to protect the contents. Cadiz is a windy place and there is often sand in the air.

The king ordered another wine with a topping, and of course the rest of the company wanted similar. And it became a wider habit.

In Nerja it is still this way.In many bars when you order a drink you are also served a tapa of your choice. The drink with one tapa costs you, depending on the place 1,40-1,70 euros.

This is the  price if you have your drink by the bar. It is more expensive if you sit by a table and the waiter serves you.

Start from Marina by Castilla Perez. As the name says, you can have fish, prawns, calamares, different kinds of traditional salads. The cooks are good and there are a lot of ”vecinos de barrio” (local people)

The next stop is El Pulgilla by Almirante Ferrandiz (just a few meters up from the Post Office). Here you can choose a glass of fruity wine from Rueda with fresh seafood or some nicely marinated pork fillets. There is always  a nice mixture of local clientele and tourists. El Pulgilla is one of the favourite places in Nerja, like a living rooom.

El Pulgilla used be in the old town. They did very well there and moved to the center.

The old bar by Calle Bolivia is still there and it’s doing better than ever. The name is now La Puntilla.  One of the former Pulgilla waiters runs it and it has the original concept, clientele and atmosphere.The seafood is excellent.

Workers come there after a day’s hard work to chat and have a drink. And it is a great place to see football matches of La Liga.

From here it is nice short walk back to El Capistrano Playa. After this walking route you have had three glasses of wine or beer and three excellent tapas. And it is good to notice that quality has been like in fine dining places. There is just a small difference: the price of the three course (tapas) menu  was around 4,50-5,00 euros.

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