Tapas-lunch at La Marina

One of our favorite tapas-restaurants has been for years La Marina by Calle Castilla Perez. It’s a casual meeting place in the heart of the town. The clientele is a nice mixture of people of the barrio and us regular customers from all over Europe. Fresh tapas and sea food are also good reasons to go there.

After a nice stroll by the pueblo, we enter La Marina and occupy one of the high tapas-tables. There is a cozy vivid chat within friends around the bar. Para beber? asks the waiter. We choose white wine and a beer. There is a slight smile of recognition at the face of the waiter after half a year of separation,    and that makes us feel welcome. Y para la tapa?  is the following question. The drink always includes one tapa. We take salpicon de mariscos, which has some tomato, green paprika, onion, fish, prawns in a fresh vinagrette.

After the starter we take a medium portion of boquerones and berenjenas with miel de caña…  This makes really a fine dining menu for two and all this costs just 12.20 €, 6,10 per person. Drinks included.

La Marina Marisqueria, Calle Castilla Pérez 20, Open 12-17, 19-24.

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