Ayo’s paella is a spectacle

If you are looking for a casual place to meet friends, choose Ayo. It is one of the traditional chiringuitos by Burriana Beach. It became known when the Spanish TV was shooting the mythic family television series Verano Azul in Nerja.

The film group looked for some nice settings and  local people for the series and they found  Ayo, which is a nick name.His real name  is Francisco Ortega.

Ayo had carisma and a perfect background for certain episodes and he took a bigger role than planned in the story and soon the place  was well known all over Spain.

Now it gathers hundreds of people all around the Costa del Sol especially for the Sunday paella, which is made on an open fire. And it is a show.

You can sit,feet in sand, listen to the waves and have a tasty meal with friends. On the menu there is another great choice, pork and vegetables if you want some heavier stuff. Tasty and juicy.

On Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays you get also cordero, lamb. And you can see the star himself, Ayo, chatting with friends or preparing the world famous paella.

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